When celebrations knock on the door, and the blessings are on their way, and good omens bring the loved ones closer, when the hard work and patience sprout, the aroma of happiness fills the air, the moments in time last forever, the old memories are refurbished, while the new ones find a fertile space to prosper.
Nyce rice is a select assortment of the best grains from the Indian suncontinent. A handful of culture that preserves & cultivates the best of diversity. To offer you the best quality, ancestrally appropriate food is out tradition.


Nyce Classic Basmati Rice

Nyce Zarak Basmati Rice

Nyce Zahira Basmati Rice

Nyce Zafirah Basmati Rice

Nyce Popular Basmati Rice

Nyce Zarak Cream Sella Basmati rice

Nyce Zarak Golden Sella Basmati rice

Nyce Zafirah Cream Sella Basmati Rice

Nyce Zafirah Golden Sella Basmati Rice

Adina Organic Sona Masoori Rice


Nyce Zarak Regular Basmati Rice

Sukhbir Platinum Rice

Sukhbir White Gold Rice

Mahavat Super Jeera Rice

Ekam Silver Long Grain Rice