Founded in 1971 as a family-owned business, Sael Agri today is India’s leading rice producer that seeks to drive global nourishment. It has now completely transitioned to a professionally run international food company with strong presence in 33 countries. Today, we have one of the largest capacity plants in Asia, capable of processing 5000MT of finished rice per day. We have come a long way to have made a name for ourselves as a major international food producer of packaged Indian specialty rice, Basmati, known for its quality that marries great taste and sustenance. Committed to the UN’s 2nd sustainable development goal to reach zero hunger, our philosophy ‘made for the planet’ reflects our dedication to encourage sustainable growth and efficient distribution. We embrace eco-friendly harvest, community upliftment & state-of-the-art technology that complements the planet, and not takes from it. We tread the path of responsible agriculture, and each of our harvests resonate with our promise to eliminate hunger and cultivate a better, sustainable future. Join us in savouring the essence of compassion, diversity, unity, and the planet that never takes and only gives.

By 2028, we envision transforming into a holistic food powerhouse, trusted by the conscious consumer that seeks organic, sustainable nourishment. Our commitment is to deliver unmatched quality & holistic well-being. Our vision is to empower lives & foster a future where a sustainable living on a healthy planet is a certain possibility. In our journey so far, we have trusted the ancient wisdom & methods to produce, as much we have embraced the efficiency of the modern innovations. Together with our partners & consumers, we are redefining sustenance, nurturing a world where our brand symbolises vibrant well-being and a thriving planet.


Working extensively with the farmers, constantly updating them on the new-age irrigation and agricultural techniques. Our technology that we share with them for mapping and weather analysis helps them produce the highest quality basmati that we boast of.

  • 250+ distribution channels across 200+ cities India
  • Distribution network spanning across 5 continents


SAEL AGRI as part of the ‘Agri Initiative’ for Zero Hunger & Food for Planet, also excels in food security business. We store 9 Million MT of food grains annually for the Food Corporation Of India.


SAEL is the leader in the paddy straw-led, waste-to-energy generation business in the subcontinent. The biomass plants use paddy straw, a by-product of paddy harvesting, to produce energy.

RICE Export

SAEL is an US $487 Million Group having investments and equity participation from world renowned NORFUND (The Norwegian Govt. Investment Fund for Developing Countries) and ADB (Asian Development Bank). We are across multiple businesses and have diversified into Sustainable / Renewable Energy, Warehousing and Agri Processing. We are also third generation into the rice milling business having a fully backward integrated facility of “Farm To Fork". We have an asset base as a group of over US $ 800 Million.

Solvent Extraction

Rice Bran Oil is one of the main by-products of the rice mills of SAEL AGRI. In additions to Rice Bran Oil, a health food, company also produces de-oiled Rice Bran, which is used as cattle feed.

Rice Bran produced in the Rice Mills is transferred to the Solvent Extraction Plant for instant processing through the conveyor without loss of time & money on handling & transportation.


In line with the managements vision & commitment to provide high-quality, nutritious and diverse food products, the company has set up a new trade desk to expand the product line to lentils, pulses and legumes. In a small span of time we have established ourselves as a reliable and reputable partner.

Product Range: Pulses, Chickpeas, Black Mapte, Pegion Peas, Lentils, Yellow Lentils, Black Eyed Beans, Red Kidney beans etc.

Food Security Infrastructure

Food Security Warehousing business comprises of around 29 warehouses strategically located in various cities.

All warehouses are located on National/State Highways and close to railway networks.

Currently contracted with FCI and other government agencies

Warehousing business of SAEL is debt free.

AGRI Domestic Business

RICE HUSK / HULL: It constitutes the largest by-product of rice milling, as one-fifth of the paddy by weight is rice husk. Rice husk has a high calorific value of 3200-3300 and is considered a good fuel for a variety of industrial uses. Its major use at present is boiler fuel.

RICE BRAN: It is the layer between the inner white rice grain and the outer hull. While comprising just 8-10% of total weight, rice bran (which includes the germ) accounts for 60% of the nutrients found in each rice kernel

NYCE is a perfect mix of traditional wisdom & contemporary taste. We prepare the old way, preserve the modern way, and bring to you only that is carefully selected. When it comes to rice, especially Basmati, time is the main ingredient, and that is presicely what we have put in generously. Our extensive range is an exclusive assortment of the best nature produce our country boasts of.

When celebrations knock on the door, and the blessings are on their way, and good omens bring the loved ones closer, when the hard work and patience sprout, the aroma of happiness fills the air, the moments in time last forever, the old memories are refurbished, while the new ones find a fertile space to prosper.
Nyce rice is a select assortment of the best grains from the Indian suncontinent. A handful of culture that preserves & cultivates the best of diversity. To offer you the best quality, ancestrally appropriate food is out tradition.

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Saath Ki Riwayat


To harvest efficiently, produce earnestly and distribute generously. We strive to cultivate a culture of food security & abundance, of tradition & innovation, and of peace & harmony.

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